Tampa Bay Tidbits

Retirees read in their leisure time. I’m hitting what my book clubs are reading, some classics, and some best sellers. Of the dozen books I’ve read since I’ve been here, these are my two favorites:  Little Bee by Chris Cleave and Deliverance by James Dickey.  Both books are very well written and edited and have compelling stories.

Floridians match the French for their love of pets. We went to a pet rescue event and the dogs were truly the show. There were booths for animal rescue dogs and animal treats, and animal boutiques. Here was one of our favorites.

License Plates
We expected to see plates from New York, Michigan and Canada, but I’ve been amazed at the Florida plates that recognize panthers, manatees, pelicans, veterans, breast cancer, and much more. I stopped counting after 10 designs.

Tampa really does it up with this regional event for over one million visitors. A pirate ship comes in, docks downtown and “invades” the city. What follows is a giant fashion show on all the streets of pirates followed by a huge parade of krew floats throwing beads. The usual party atmosphere permeates this event made for young people.

There are 132 PAGES of attorneys in the Saint Petersburg yellow pages!