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Art walks, museums, galleries, even farmer’s markets have been keeping us in the art scene in the Tampa Bay area. We generally do these things in any place where we have lived. These venues show us a wide range of local talent. I find gallery/art walks disappointing and often wonder how the local “talent” hopes […]

“Well, that was not a pleasant visit. Why is it always bad news?” Edith thought. “Now where is my car?” Edith, with her little dowager’s hump and walking cane, searched the parking lot while she pushed the remote to see if it set off any parking lights and beeps. People looking for a spot, waited […]

Like many people, I am watching the news and reading the newspaper while I follow what is happening in Egypt. Why are we transfixed with what we see there? Of course, there are many reasons. First, it is exciting to see people who come from all around the region to have their opinions heard. Surely […]