Food Glorious Food

We’ve been eating out. A lot. For one thing, it’s a good excuse for the cook to get out of the condo and it is a great way to see neighborhoods, try different tastes, and get fat.

The Farmer’s Market in St. Pete is every Saturday morning. Besides the booths that sell salsa, jams, and candy, there are places to pick up sandwiches, BBQ, empanadas, crepes, and omelets. Oh, and there is a little bit of produce! I’ve resisted, but there are a couple booths that sell those gourmet cupcakes that are primarily icing.

Downtown has some upscale restaurants. We ate at Bella Brava, but haven’t gone back. Dave and I both ordered the same meal and the waitress was right. It was epic in size but turned out to be a glorified pot pie.

A Big Pot Pie

Cuban food is everywhere. Cuban sandwiches are basically ham, pork, cheese, and pickles pressed like grilled cheese in Cuban bread. Around the corner from us is Habana’s Café and Cigar Factory. It is typically Gulfport: unpretentious. The best known Cuban restaurant in the region is Columbia.  They specialize in entrees and sangria. We had a tasty meal there in their Sarasota place but it was crowded.

Asian is big here too. Actually we haven’t tried that yet because most of the places seem to be take out. We were hungry for Mexican and couldn’t find  any until a friend found us a remarkably good one in St. Pete called Red Mesa.

The emphasis in California was on organic, fresh, local and wild. Here, not so much. There are plenty of artery busting foods to fill up the good ole boys. We’ve eaten a couple of times at Skyway Jack’s. They serve huge breakfasts. I tried the southern French toast: cream cheese and pecans with orange marmalade. People in California would be horrified. They don’t even believe in ice cream in Carmel.

Skyway Jack's

Cuban flavors

Of course, food taste better when you are hungry. We waited until after 3 pm to have lunch one day. I picked BBQ. It was the best I’ve eaten since we left Arkansas.

The state fair just ended. They had red velvet funnel cakes. Dave emphatically refused to go. I considered faking a shopping expedition and sneaking off to the fairgrounds, but alas, I’ve waited a day too long.


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  1. Carolyn says:

    It’s no wonder the Bible uses food imagry a lot. “Taste and see that the Lord is good” is clearly a reference that applies to everyone everywhere!