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One of the many good things about living in a place for a month or two is the ability to learn about a city’s neighborhoods.  We like to drive through a designated area and check out the homes for sale. First we found Gulfport, the town next door to our condo. Dave and I are […]

Yes, we bailed out. I am retired and Dave works part time. We looked out our window at the ice on Lake Erie and understood why half of Ohio’s retirees take up fishing and martinis in Florida. Of course, I yearned to return to Carmel where we had friends and I had several routine activities […]

They move en masse with great concentration on their faces. These migratory creatures instinctively know their homing ground and intently gather each year to seek their familiar places to start the new cycle in their warmer season. From parts north they funnel south. They start out as individual multi-wheeled, heavily loaded Bighorns, Eagles, and Cougars. […]