Biking in Florida

Before we left Ohio my friend Karen asked me if I was taking our bikes to Florida.
“No, we don’t have a bike rack for Dave’s car and I don’t like to bike in city traffic.” I replied.

Then we got here and there are bike lanes everywhere and a bike path that goes up the coast to Tarpon Springs. The weather is perfect and I moaned about not bringing my bike down.

Dave got to work on Craigslist and found us a couple of used bikes in northeast Tampa. We got a couple of those comfy bikes with tires that look like they could chew up pavement and saddles as big as a tractor seat. (Dave: Not mine.) This necessitated buying helmets, a cable and lock, and a few other things. Why not spend $300 when we could have spent $30? But moving on.

Karen on her Florida bike

We somehow got the bikes back to the condo and Saint Dave (Dave: I like that. Has a nice ring to it.) cleaned them up and we took them for a little spin around the neighborhood.

Today we rode to Gulfport which is our neighboring town. It’s a cutesy little artsy village with lots of boutiques, places to imbibe, and an awfully good farmer‘s/craft market on Tuesday‘s.

I relearned what it is like to bike with Dave: don’t follow too closely because he likes to meander. Pedal, pedal, coast. Pedal, pedal, pedal, coast, coast, coast, pedal, pedal…….. You get the picture. I’ve nearly ridden up his rear so many times, he should have a stripe up his back. (Dave: If you wanted consistency, you should have married somebody moreboring.)

We’ve also ridden on the Pinellas Trail out towards the coast. Biking here is very flat so the biggest hills are overpasses. Good thing since I can’t seem to consistently make my gears shift.

City biking is not great aerobic exercise since you have to slow down or stop at every corner but it is a great way to explore a place and do nearby errands to the bank or library in a town like Saint Petersburg that has so many bike lanes.

We’ll tell you more as we go along. In the meantime, here’s to having the wind at your backs!


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  1. Carolyn says:

    What fun! We noticed also, while we were in Florida, bikepaths everywhere. No doubt because there are tons of old folks everywhere eager to saddle up. and no hills. Glorious! “Just right,” said Grandpa and Grandma Bear. As for me, I’m with Dave, “pedal, pedal, coast.” Can’t beat that! Or maybe you can…