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Women know that finding a good salon is FAR more important and urgent than finding a doctor, dentist, or chiropractor. When you move to a new town, it seems that your hair needs immediate attention. This never fails. This critical point is especially true for sexagenarian females. Many of us color our hair. So when […]

Women, how many of you have had your husband announce that there will be a workbench in your living room? That’s what happened to me yesterday. Apparently this is part of a diet plan. Let’s back up a bit. You see Dave has been battling an overweight problem. He puts up a good fight, loses […]

“Okay, guys, everyone in the pool and start to warm up while the others arrive.” It was my regular Monday and Wednesday Deep Water Aerobics Class. I strapped on my floatation belt and climbed in. Soon other women began to arrive. They were certainly not coeds and it was apparent that they had been exercising […]