Happy Holidays

Here is an update from your nomadic senior citizens. As you know from the hole in your address book, we have moved again!

This time it was from a view of the Pacific in Carmel CA to a view of Lake Erie in Cleveland Ohio. I’m sure you have checked this out on our blog: sexagenariansinthecity.com. Well, you are on our blog now!

Our California friends out there threw us parties, waved bye bye and said, “Humm. More vino for us!”  Of course, none of them understood why anyone would leave Carmel.

Oddly enough, when we returned to Ohio, people here all said, “Why did you leave Carmel?”

We checked out the lakefront estates and penthouses in Cleveland and didn’t find the perfect fit. We found, instead, a loft in a warehouse in downtown. Many of you know (from our blog) that we have settled into our new city life with great aplomb and savoir-faire so typical of the urbane and sophisticated people that we are. We now make our coffee on an espresso machine and get our mail “in the lobby.” Guess what? Some of these tidbits are on our blog!

Our Front Door

Dave at his old high school

Karen & Dave at her 50th high school class reunion.

Our world travels included (but were not limited to) Karen’s 15th hiking trip with 4 friends to Sedona, Arizona,  a trip across the country in which Karen followed Dave through Nevada, Colorado, Kansas, the Netherlands, and a few other crooked states. We managed to get back to Dave’s high school  75th anniversary near Syracuse NY.  Karen also had a big 5-zer0 reunion. With more than 70 of her classmates having already “passed over,” she felt it an accomplishment just to be there on her own two feet.

Karen now is a kept woman. Yes, she spends her days reading, writing, volunteering, swimming and walking and otherwise being decorative while she lets Dave work, cook, have coffee with our buddy Dan Gray, and worry about the fate of Cleveland now that LeBron has left. Some of this is, where else, on our blog.

Even with our great fame, wealth, and power, we still associate with the people who we knew along the way; our family and friends. They are getting older now (as opposed to us) and even the grand nieces and nephews are all in high school, college, or interns. Luckily none of them are in jail or on drugs. That is a constant source of pride to all of us.   Karen’s son, Greg, is involved in his hobbies and his friends. It is good to be back in Ohio where we are available to help them all out. Oh, and they help us out too!

Now we are anticipating being Snowbirds. When the first sight of snow blew by the streetlight, we hit the computer and looked for a waterfront estate or penthouse in Florida.  Since none of them suited us, we had to settle for a two-bedroom apartment. Come for a visit in St. Petersburg. We know how to make espresso. Then we can blog about it!


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  1. Illia Thompson says:

    Happy Trails! You sound so in love with life, hoiwever it may take you. You are missed on Tuesdays!
    In just a few minutes I take off for Colorado, snow country of Steamboat Springs, to visit grandson, 8 months, and his family.
    If the flights are delayed, Christmas is a few days away anyway.
    For the New Year, I resolves to check your blog, religiously!
    It’s been a good year, a few highlighted unexpected family encounter, but all are part of the lessons we learn. So glad to be able to keep on learning! Love, from a septegenarian. Illia

  2. Judy says:

    I can’t wait to see what the blog entries are from sunny Florida in 2011. In the meantime, those of us residing in what Yahoo just reported as one of the 10 worst places to retire in the US are exceedingly happy that you and Dave have joined us! And you know what, it isn’t so bad here. In fact, it is in many ways an unsung wonder – made better by your presence! Merry Christmas!!