It is 4:40 pm on a Snow Day Wednesday. Horns are honking, people are swearing, and the cars are in gridlock at the corner of Superior and 21st.

A snowstorm has come to downtown Cleveland.

We missed it a few days ago when it headed south of here. We had a little drift and stood smugly looking out the window as a trace blew around the sidewalks.

Today is our turn.

Gridlock looking west

I went to the gym in my big snow boots and bundled up like the Michelin Man. My head was bent, my hat was pulled down and that was before I left the building. Heading into the wind, I was grimacing. I couldn’t see the curbs.  It was 27 with a WIND CHILL of 13. I can only say that it was obscene.

Everyone says the first snow is pretty. Who are these people? Do they drive? Do they shovel the stuff? Do they walk to the gym? Do they not fall on ice? Do they not have noses?

Once I returned from the CSU Rec Center, the wind and snow picked up. Dusk came. I began hearing the idling of buses. Traffic clogged. Voices rose to my window. Some shouted, then laughed. Others swore. Random things were happening: someone was shoveling; two people held up a chain so a car could pull out of a locked parking lot; Dan’s golden retriever came out to frolic in his first real big snow.

Gridlock looking east

In the meantime, I’m snuggling with a book, under a blanket, and thinking of a hot toddy. I’m ever so glad I don’t have to commute anywhere. Retirement looks better and better right now.

I’m warm and have hot water and electricity and my computer. I have all the comforts of a modern American home. I can just keep blogging and let my mind drift to being a snow bird in Florida.