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How long would you like to live? This question was asked of USA Today readers. Now, before you read on, think of your number. Okay. Got that number in mind? Older people remember the ages of their loved ones when they died. My dad was 44. My mother was 90. Somewhere between these two numbers […]

Here is an update from your nomadic senior citizens. As you know from the hole in your address book, we have moved again! This time it was from a view of the Pacific in Carmel CA to a view of Lake Erie in Cleveland Ohio. I’m sure you have checked this out on our blog: […]

It is 4:40 pm on a Snow Day Wednesday. Horns are honking, people are swearing, and the cars are in gridlock at the corner of Superior and 21st. A snowstorm has come to downtown Cleveland. We missed it a few days ago when it headed south of here. We had a little drift and stood […]