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Jonathan Franzen, author of the best sellers The Corrections and Freedom, appeared at the Cleveland Public Library last Sunday. During the Q and A, Thomas Mulready asked him about the use of electronic readers like Kindles and iPads then brought forth his IPad for a signature. The point illustrated is that the use of these […]

It was 5pm on Friday. My cell rang. The caller was “unknown.” I picked up. An automated voice said: “This is the Cleveland Clinic Foundation reminding you that you have an appointment on Tuesday (aka “Election Day”). You must follow directions to clean out your colon. You must arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment. […]

The air was still, but even then there was no murmur of the passing river below us. The only sounds were footsteps and the steady plunk…, plunk…, plunk… of a walking stick. First together, than spaced out as the terrain dictated, walkers continued talking. We held unto railings and went down steps to the dirt […]