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We watch the morning news at breakfast and the nightly news at dinner. It is clear that viewers of my age dominate the evening shows. Look at the ads. Start with the ads about preventing your next stroke with the vivid animations of little white platelettes piling up in arteries or the ad where a […]

Faded and dirty Tattered and torn It hangs as a pauper’s rags Frail and fragile and tenuous As if melting Into the steel gray pole That tethers it Holds it hostage To wind and storm. It taunts me I know that I could Should Do something About the indignity I have seen in the heat […]

One of the things retired people often do is take advantage of classes, workshops, or other “improvement of the mind” opportunities. We’ve been told over and over that we need to keep our minds sharp by changing up our routines, learning Farsi, taking up the violin, or becoming a scuba instructor. Since I don’t want […]