Q. Do you like where you live?

A. Yes. I’ve never lived in a downtown before so everything is new and exciting.

Blue Angels over our loft

Q. What do you like best?

A. There are so many things to do downtown. I’ve seen a Gay Pride Parade, a Puerto Rican Pride Parade, a free Cleveland Orchestra concert at Public Square, the Blue Angels fly over our building, shopped at Tower City, eaten on East 4th and in the Warehouse District, and visited artist’s lofts.

Q. What do you like least?

A. Noise, parking, and grocery shopping. We live 4 blocks from Fire Station One and one block from a police station. It’s safe here, but loud. I’ve learned to sleep through all the noise which is a surprise. If I want to go to the library or the post office I have to walk 8-12 blocks or hunt around and pay to park.  And there is a Dave’s Supermarket about 10 blocks away, but I don’t shop there because it is too expensive and they don’t have sales. It’s a shame inner city people have to pay for a small percentage of people who must be shop lifting.  I have to go to the suburbs to get a Giant Eagle, Heinens, or Marc’s if I want good prices and variety.

Simply put: NO!!!

Q. Is it safe?

A. I feel safe. Not only does my building have various doors that are locked, but there are also sprinklers and alarms. When I’m outside I never feel threatened even though the welfare office is about 5 blocks away. I dress inconspicuously and keep my eyes open and I don’t go out at night walking by myself.

Q. Is it fun living in a loft?

A. Yes. I like how the only walls are around the bathroom, utility room, and closets. That means it is steps from one place to another. I like the big panoramic windows that look over the nearby warehouses and out to the lake.  I like that we don’t have neighbors above, beside, or below us making noise. I like that we don’t have yard work.

Dave fixing lunch

Q. Does Dave like it?

A. Dave is a very adaptable person. He’s moved nearly 30 times as an adult and lived in all types and sizes of places. This place is big at nearly 2000 sq feet. He’s carved out a corner of the loft for his office, surrounded it with dividers and seems to block out the world when he works. Then he’ll go to our kitchen that is up on a platform, eat lunch, and watch sports.

Just around the corner

Q. Have you made friends nearby?

A. I wouldn’t call them friends, but I have met people. I think my friends will remain further south. But who knows? A good friend might be right around the corner.


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  1. Carolyn says:

    “Just the FAQs Ma’m. Just the FAQs.” Curiousity satisfied! (cute pix too…)