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“Check out the hair on the woman in the corner window. ” I was joining Dave outdoors at Presti’s in Little Italy. I sat down my latte and pastry and tried to discreetly see the object of our attention. And there she was with bleached blond hair that was not only a beehive, but also […]

The day had been anticipated and planned for weeks. There were specific instructions on times, places, and acceptable behaviors.¬†Money had been saved, restaurants had been discussed, and each minute was taken. Mother was going to NEOTA day, and for the first time,I was to have the day to myself in downtown Cleveland. It was obligatory […]

Q. Do you like where you live? A. Yes. I’ve never lived in a downtown before so everything is new and exciting. Q. What do you like best? A. There are so many things to do downtown. I’ve seen a Gay Pride Parade, a Puerto Rican Pride Parade, a free Cleveland Orchestra concert at Public […]