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Ohio summer for me must include one chance to swim in a lake or at the least a pool, one outdoor concert, and one baseball game. Having accomplished the first two, I looked at the Indians schedule and ticket prices and decided that I might have to watch a little league game to complete the […]

About a dozen long blocks from us is the Cleveland Public Library—Main Branch. It is so big that there are two separate buildings with two floors just for book storage. The Lolly the Trolley Guide told us there are 10 million volumes. That’s A LOT of books, Ollie. Two of the happiest ways I support […]

Hi! This is Karen. And this is Dave. It isn’t summer unless there is gazpacho Have you heard of The West Side Market? You can keep your farmer’s markets. We are WSM fans. It’s one of the best parts of living downtown. You don’t have to live downtown to go there, but having it so […]