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A couple of weeks ago Edward Kean died at age 85. I didn’t know it till I read the obituary in the New York Times, but he wrote The Howdy Doody Show during the years it streamed daily into the 12-inch Emerson TV my parents had saved up to buy. Something in Kean’s obit led […]

Community. Friends, retired people, parents with children at home, and singles – those are the folks I thought of when I pictured a neighborhood. In the city the definition changes. One day a group of young men approached me as I was out walking. I was cautious, of course. One said, “Excuse me ma’am- you […]

Just came back from a bike ride through parts of downtown and the near eastside. Even though we’ve been living here two months now, this was my first ride on those streets. It was great! Went out around 6:30 pm and except for the main streets like Superior and St. Clair the roads were empty. […]