An evening in the country with music & wine

It was dusk as we rode down the gravel lane—vines to the right, vines to the left—in search of a parking space. Once out of the car, we joined a crowd of about 300 in front of a small, outdoor stage. The band was already into its first set and rolling along. It was Saturday night, and we were out of the city—about an hour out—all the way to Harpersfield Vineyard, way east of Cleveland.

It all started when Dan said, “Victoria and I are going out to the Harpersfield winery to hear Abbey Rodeo. Want to come with us? It’s a great band.”

Dan on the lawn at Harpersfield Vineyard

Abbey Rodeo’s music is a mix of British invasion and numerous other pop/rock influences with bluegrass and country instrumentation further flavoring the musical stew. When’s the last time you heard Beatles tunes on fiddle or banjo? Throw in piano, harmonica, mandolin, guitar, bass, and percussion and the sound ends up part Mersey beat and part rockabilly, surf, blues, and/or folk. Whatever your description, it was as advertised by Dan—great.

With the moon rising, stars shining, and the evening cooling, we enjoyed about three hours of music and some fine Ohio wine.

Ashtabula County and the Grand River don’t exactly qualify as life in the city, but one of the nice bonuses that comes with living in Cleveland is how easy it is to get out into the country.