Going Down

Today I was looking for a card I knew I had. It was a birthday card for a biking buddy of mine. I try to find special cards with bikes on the front. So I looked in vain through my desk and file box all along knowing that the card would not be there.

The card would be in the (gasp!) file drawer in the dark room in the (horrors!) basement of the warehouse.

I started my journey there by finding a flashlight, the “special keys,” and making sure my phone was charged. I thought about a tin of tuna like the Chilean miners had, but decided I could brave it without food.

First I walked down to the second floor, but discovered that I couldn’t get through the fire door there. Back up to fourth. Then I called the freight elevator and descended to second floor to go in the back way. The first key I needed was to get into the back section of the warehouse—something I’ve done many times. While passing through, I said Hi to our life in boxes. Amazing how much you can do without. All of the boxes in the photo  below are full of “our precious belongings” and believe me, we have gotten rid of twice that much!

Our Precious Belongings

I got to the door to go down to the basement. Lo and behold, no key spot. There was a handle, which I jiggled, shouldered, and prayed over but it just couldn’t be opened.

So back through the keyed door, lock up, and on to the elevator again. Down to the dock, open, step out, close and head to the back parking lot and a door out there.

This is all true.

Key number two opened the door easily and I stepped over blankets, floor mats, poles and a padded case. Into the lock went key number three. It turned. The door would not open. I turned again, and again, and again. Nothing.

I called Eddie Eddie (I don’t know his last name so I entered his first twice on my phone). Eddie is the maintenance person and he is paid to help goof ups like me who aren’t smart enough to open a door. He wasn’t around. Then I had to call (groan) Dave and Dan who were out making a bank run.

It was a lovely day so I waited outside and did my plies and assorted arm exercises while waiting.

“The Men” pulled up, went in and pushed, turned and shoved at the door and, of course, it opened right up. It’s at times like this that I am sure that men secretly take our their penises and smear testosterone over the offending object. Dave said something like “If you didn’t have big tits, I wouldn’t keep you around.” Ha Ha.

After some Watch-me-do-this-and-don’t-screw-up-again instructions, I got into the Basement and found my file cabinet and rummaged around for anything else I might need in the next half century.

Finally, making sure to LOCK THE DOORS so no drug addicts get in and make a nest, I double checked them then rounded the building, walked around the big ditch in the sidewalk and came back to my front door.

There to meet me on the front stoop were two lovers having a deep passionate kiss. One was a female and the other I THOUGHT was a male. In my usual tactful mode, I said “Okay you two, I’m jealous.” They looked up and—well two females. They were both apologetic saying they thought the place was abandoned.  Yep, that’s my home—abandoned! They packed up and started to leave. It really was the perfect ending to this little picture of city life.

Karen, I hope you appreciate the effort I make to find your card. It would have been easier to buy a new one, but not nearly as interesting.


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  1. Patrice says:

    My birthday is Oct. 25. I hope you can find a card for me by then…

  2. Judy says:

    Yikes… my birthday is a week from Monday. What are the odds I will receive a card?

  3. Karen Flowers says:

    What a friend you are. I’m glad you are keeping true to the tradition of sending me a biking care for my birthday. I have quite a collection.

  4. Lois Moon says:

    When we find teens engaged in PDA at the high school, we yell, “Hey, no skank lovin’ in this hallway,” but I guess that wouldn’t work on the mean streets of downtown Cleveland. The high schoolers just tend to get embarrassed and slink away.

  5. Karen says:

    Skank lovin’ Great. I’ll save that for the next time.

  6. Margy says:

    Karen – a translation needed – what is PDA? the out-of-it one!