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It was dusk as we rode down the gravel lane—vines to the right, vines to the left—in search of a parking space. Once out of the car, we joined a crowd of about 300 in front of a small, outdoor stage. The band was already into its first set and rolling along. It was Saturday […]

All homes have character. Even new ones. This is especially true of a warehouse that is over 80 years old. Water One of the things that is most “charming” about our loft is the water system. First, we had no water coming out of the shower. We fussed with it.  We called Eddie to see […]

Today I was looking for a card I knew I had. It was a birthday card for a biking buddy of mine. I try to find special cards with bikes on the front. So I looked in vain through my desk and file box all along knowing that the card would not be there. The […]